The Ultimate Guide: Best & Worst Years for Volkswagen Jetta

The best year for the volkswagen jetta was 2019, while the worst year was 2011. volkswagen jetta is a popular compact car that has been on the market since 1979. Since then, the jetta has gone through many changes, updates, and redesigns that have made it a top contender in its class.

However, not all model years are created equal, and some years have had more issues than others. In this article, we will be discussing the best and worst years for the volkswagen jetta. We will go over each model year and its notable features, performance, safety ratings, and reliability ratings.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of which volkswagen jetta year is the most suitable for your needs.

The Ultimate Guide: Best & Worst Years for Volkswagen Jetta


Introduction: Understanding The Volkswagen Jetta

The volkswagen jetta has been one of the most popular vehicles on the market since it was first introduced in 1979. Throughout the years, it has undergone numerous changes and updates to its design, performance, and features, resulting in a loyal fanbase.

However, not all years have been created equal when it comes to this iconic sedan. We will take a deep dive into the best and worst years of the volkswagen jetta and why it is important to understand them to make an informed buying decision.

Brief History Of The Volkswagen Jetta:

  • The volkswagen jetta was first introduced in 1979 as a sedan version of the volkswagen golf.
  • The first generation of the jetta was known for its utilitarian design and fuel-efficiency.
  • Throughout the years, the jetta has undergone significant changes, including a full redesign in 2019.
  • The jetta has consistently been one of the top-selling vehicles in the volkswagen lineup, known for its combination of practicality, fun-to-drive nature, and affordability.

Importance Of Understanding The Best And Worst Years:

  • The jetta has had some standout years, as well as some less-than-stellar ones.
  • Knowing which years are best can help potential buyers find a reliable, high-performing vehicle that will meet their needs.
  • Conversely, understanding which years to avoid can prevent buyers from making a costly mistake and ending up with a lemon.
  • The jetta has been around for over 40 years, and with so many options on the market, understanding the best and worst years can save potential buyers time and money.

Purpose Of The Article:

  • The purpose of this article is to provide a guide for potential jetta buyers, helping them make an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle.
  • By understanding the best and worst years of the jetta, readers will be able to narrow down their options and make a more informed decision.
  • The article will cover the key factors that have contributed to the success and failures of the jetta, providing readers with a comprehensive overview of this iconic vehicle.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best And Worst Years

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best And Worst Years For The Volkswagen Jetta

If you’re in the market for a volkswagen jetta, it’s essential to choose the best year model. Certain years bring more reliability, safety, and cost savings to the table, while others may result in headaches. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best and worst years for the volkswagen jetta.

Reliability And Safety Ratings

Opting for a reliable vehicle should be a top priority. After all, who wants to endure constant repairs and malfunctions? Here are the reliability and safety ratings for the volkswagen jetta.

  • One of the most reliable year models is the 2017 jetta, with a 4.5 out of 5 reliability rating according to j.d. Power.
  • The 2015 volkswagen jetta has a rating of 4 out of 5, followed closely by the 2014 model with a 3.5 rating.
  • According to the national highway traffic safety administration (nhtsa), the 2019 volkswagen jetta received an impressive 5-star overall safety rating.

Sales Figures And Popularity Among Consumers

Popular vehicles tend to have a more extensive network of dealerships, and repair parts are often available and more affordable. Here are some of the most popular models in recent years:

  • The 2017 volkswagen jetta was one of the most popular year models, with over 115,000 units sold in the united states.
  • The 2016 volkswagen jetta, with just under 105,000 units sold, was also a top performer.
  • The 2019 jetta saw over 89,000 units sold in the us alone, making it another popular year model.

Fuel Efficiency And Cost Of Ownership

When it comes to the cost of ownership, fuel efficiency can make or break your budget. Here’s a look at some of the most fuel-efficient models.

  • The 2015 volkswagen jetta tdi boasts an impressive epa-estimated 46 mpg on the highway.
  • The 2019 volkswagen jetta eco has an epa estimated combined city/highway mpg of 36.
  • According to kelley blue book, the average cost of maintaining a 2017 volkswagen jetta over a five-year-period is around $4500, making it a cost-effective choice.

Availability Of Parts And Repair Options

To ensure that you can maintain your volkswagen jetta for years to come, it’s crucial to consider the availability of parts and repair options. Here are some important facts to remember.

  • Volkswagen is the second-largest car manufacturer in the world, which means that there are plenty of repair parts available on the market.
  • Volkswagen also has a large dealership network, which can make routine maintenance more accessible and convenient for owners.

Performance And Driving Experience

While factors like safety and reliability are critical, performance and driving experience are essential to many car buyers. Here are some facts about the performance of the volkswagen jetta.

  • Models with the turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine produce up to 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque.
  • The jetta gli, introduced in 2019, has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 228 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque.
  • With an advanced suspension system, the volkswagen jetta delivers sporty driving dynamics and a comfortable ride.

Choosing the best year model for a volkswagen jetta requires a careful balance of various factors. By considering reliability and safety ratings, fuel efficiency and cost of ownership, availability of parts and repair options, and performance and driving experience, you can find the best model for your needs and wants.

Best Years For Volkswagen Jetta

Most Reliable And Safe Years

For anyone shopping for a volkswagen jetta, reliability and safety are likely to be two of their top priorities. If you’re looking for a jetta that is both, then the 2014 model year is an excellent choice. The jetta has been a top safety pick from the insurance institute for highway safety (iihs) since 2011, and the 2014 model continued that trend.

Additionally, it’s one of the most reliable jetta years due to its impressive build quality. Other jetta models that are commended for their reliability and safety include:

  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018

Top Performing Years

For those who want a jetta with a little bit of zip, there are several model years that stand out. The 2019 jetta is a notable performance star due to its turbocharged engine that provides plenty of power under the hood.

The 2013 jetta gli is also worth considering for those interested in a performance-oriented jetta, as its sport-tuned suspension and quick-shifting dual-clutch automatic transmission make for an exhilarating driving experience. Other jetta model years known for their exceptional performance include:

  • 2012
  • 2015
  • 2021

Best Fuel Efficiency And Cost Of Ownership Years

If you’re searching for a volkswagen jetta with excellent fuel efficiency or low cost of ownership, then the 2020 model year is where you should start your search. The 2020 jetta has an epa-estimated fuel economy of up to 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway, making it a fuel-efficient choice for drivers who prioritize saving on gas.

Moreover, the 2020 model year has some of the lowest maintenance costs of any jetta, making it a smart choice for buyers focused on long-term cost savings. Other volkswagen jetta model years with notable fuel economy and low cost of ownership include:

  • 2011
  • 2017
  • 2018

Year-By-Year Breakdown Of The Best Volkswagen Jetta Models

Looking for a more detailed breakdown of the best volkswagen jetta models year by year? Look no further. Here’s a list of the most popular jetta model years from 2010 to 2022, along with explanations of their standout features and benefits:

  • 2010: The last year of the fifth-generation jetta, this model is known for its excellent fuel economy, standard four-wheel disc brakes, and responsive handling.
  • 2011: This year’s jetta has a sleeker exterior design and an updated interior, as well as the entry-level s trim package, which comes with more standard features than previous models.
  • 2012: The jetta’s sporty gli trim level provides an adrenaline-pumping driving experience with its turbocharged engine and sport-tuned suspension.
  • 2013: The gli version of this year’s jetta gets even sportier, with a dual-clutch automatic transmission and a well-designed interior.
  • 2014: The jetta gets a subtle exterior refresh, plus an updated interior with new tech and safety features. This model is one of the most reliable and safe jetta years.
  • 2015: The jetta tdi offers excellent fuel economy up to 46 mpg on highways and a comfortable ride.
  • 2016: This year sees improved handling and performance across all jetta models, plus updated exterior styling and an updated multimedia system.
  • 2017: The jetta adds a rearview camera and a usb port to its standard features, while optional features include forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring.
  • 2018: The new warranty system offers better coverage, while the jetta’s engine receives updates for increased efficiency.
  • 2019: The jetta receives an all-new redesign and adds standard features such as a touchscreen infotainment system and driver assistance features
  • 2020: This model year has an updated engine that offers a smoother ride, as well as the lowest cost of ownership in many years.
  • 2021: This year’s jetta gets upgraded tech features and a new-generation infotainment system, while the optional r-line package adds sporty styling and performance.
  • 2022: The jetta receives a new exterior design and upgraded engine technology, making it a perfect blend of style, economy, and performance.

The volkswagen jetta has had several amazing years, with different model years excelling in different areas. Whether you prioritize reliability, safety, performance, fuel efficiency, or cost of ownership, there’s a volkswagen jetta model year that can accommodate your needs. Choose the right year and enjoy the exceptional driving experience that volkswagen jetta offers!

Worst Years For Volkswagen Jetta

Years With Poor Performance And Driving Experience

If you’re in the market for a used volkswagen jetta, you’re better off avoiding the following model years if you want a smooth ride and stable handling:

  • 2011, 2012, and 2013: All of these model years have issues with the automatic transmission, which can lead to jerking or slipping when shifting gears. In addition, the clutch on manual transmission models can fail prematurely.
  • 2009 and 2010: These model years have problems with the electrical system, which can cause issues with the power windows and lights. In addition, the engine can have trouble with stalling and misfiring.
  • 2005 and 2006: These model years are known for having issues with the air conditioning and power steering systems, which can be costly to repair. The suspension can also be problematic, causing a bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

Least Reliable And Safe Years

When it comes to reliability and safety, it’s important to steer clear of the following volkswagen jetta model years:

  • 2010: In addition to the electrical system issues mentioned above, this model year has problems with the fuel system that can cause leaks and fires.
  • 2006: Along with the air conditioning and power steering problems, this model year has issues with the brake system that can lead to decreased stopping power and safety concerns.
  • 2002 and 2003: These model years are known for having problems with the engine, including stalling and misfiring. In addition, the suspension can cause a rough ride and the transmission can fail prematurely.

Year-By-Year Breakdown Of The Worst Volkswagen Jetta Models

Here’s a closer look at the issues and problems faced by each volkswagen jetta model year:

  • 2013: Transmission problems, including slipping and jerking, are common in this model year. In addition, the engine can have issues with stalling and misfiring.
  • 2012: Similar to the 2013 model year, the biggest issue with the 2012 volkswagen jetta is the automatic transmission. In addition, the clutch on manual transmission models can fail early.
  • 2011: Transmission problems continue in this model year, with reports of issues with shifting gears smoothly. In addition, there are concerns regarding the reliability of the fuel system.
  • 2010: As mentioned above, the 2010 volkswagen jetta has issues with the electrical system and the fuel system, which can lead to safety concerns.
  • 2009: This model year has many of the same problems found in 2010, including electrical system issues and engine troubles.
  • 2006: Along with the air conditioning, power steering, and brake system issues mentioned earlier, this model year can also experience problems with the transmission.
  • 2005: Air conditioning issues and a problematic suspension system are the primary concerns with this volkswagen jetta model year.
  • 2003: The engine and transmission are the main issues with this model year, with reports of stalling, misfiring, and automatic transmission failures.
  • 2002: Similar to the 2003 model year, the engine and suspension can pose problems for drivers of this volkswagen jetta.

As a potential buyer, it’s important to be aware of these issues when considering purchasing a used volkswagen jetta. With proper maintenance and care, however, a used jetta from any model year can still be a reliable and enjoyable car to drive.

Conclusion: Making The Right Choice For Your Volkswagen Jetta

The volkswagen jetta is a popular car, and if you’re in the market for one, you’re probably wondering which years are the best and worst. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve gathered together information on factors you should consider when choosing the right volkswagen jetta for your needs.

Recap Of The Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best And Worst Years For Volkswagen Jetta

When deciding on the best and worst years for a volkswagen jetta, there are several factors to keep in mind. These include:

  • Maintenance cost
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Resale value

Advice For Making An Informed Decision When Purchasing A Volkswagen Jetta

To ensure that you’re making an informed decision when purchasing a volkswagen jetta, you should follow these tips:

  • Research the volkswagen jetta model you want to buy. Find information on its features, specs, safety ratings, and recalls.
  • Check the maintenance and repair history of the model you’re interested in buying to avoid expensive repairs later on.
  • Consider the resale value of the volkswagen jetta you’re interested in buying. Some models might hold their value better than others.
  • Test drive the volkswagen jetta and make sure it’s a comfortable fit for you. Check if it has enough space, if the seats are comfortable and if it meets your needs in terms of storage.
  • Lastly, compare the prices of different volkswagen jetta models and figure out which one fits your budget.

By keeping these factors in mind and doing your due diligence, you’ll be better positioned to find a volkswagen jetta that meets your needs.

Remember to keep safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency at the top of your list when making a decision on which volkswagen jetta to buy. And always trust your instincts and do not rush the process. By taking these measures, you’re likely to end up with a car that meets your needs, lasts a long time and has a good resale value.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best & Worst Years For The Volkswagen Jetta

What Are The Best Years For The Vw Jetta?

The best model years are 2014 and 2019, based on reliability and performance.

What Are The Worst Years For The Vw Jetta?

The worst model years are 2008, 2009, and 2011, because of engine failure and overall reliability issues.

Is The Vw Jetta Reliable?

Overall, the vw jetta is pretty reliable, especially models from 2014 onwards that were built with better quality materials.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Used Jetta?

When shopping for a used jetta, check for rust, listen for engine noise, ask about oil changes and tire rotations, and confirm maintenance records.

Does The Vw Jetta Have Good Gas Mileage?

Yes, the vw jetta has good gas mileage with an average of 25-30 mpg in the city and 32-42 mpg on the highway.

How Long Does A Vw Jetta Last?

With proper maintenance, a vw jetta can last up to 200,000 miles or more.

Is A Vw Jetta Expensive To Repair?

It can be expensive to repair a vw jetta, especially if it’s an older model. However, regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs.


After analyzing the data and reviews of the volkswagen jetta, we can conclude that some years have been better than others. The fourth-generation jetta, specifically the 2005 model, stands out as one of the most reliable and long-lasting vehicles. On the other hand, the fifth-generation, specifically the 2010 model, received below-average ratings due to its numerous mechanical issues.

It’s crucial to do your research and consider the year and model before purchasing a jetta or any car. That being said, newer models, such as the 2021 volkswagen jetta, have made significant improvements in safety, performance, and technology features.

The volkswagen jetta has had both its best and worst years, but with careful consideration, you can find a reliable and enjoyable vehicle. Thank you for reading and we hope this information has helped you make an informed decision.